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3 Home Security Lessons Your Kids Should Learn

Have you added a security system to your home recently to protect your property and your family? Having a home alarm system in place is a great first step, but to properly protect your children, you also need to educate them about security. Here are three things kids of all ages should know in order to be safe in their own home. 

How to operate your home alarm system

If you have young children at home, it's unlikely that they will ever be home alone and need to arm and disarm your security system. However, it's possible that an adult could be incapacitated and they would need to call for help, or disarm the alarm. It's also a good idea to teach kids about the alarm system because otherwise it's a shiny, attractive object with lots of buttons to push. Educating them will help keep them from playing with the alarm keypad and sounding the alarm on accident. Letting them hear the actual alarm sound is a good idea, however. This way, in an emergency they will be less panicked when the alarm goes off. 

Why locking doors is important

About a third of break-ins occur through unlocked doors. Adults forget to lock their doors all the time, but children who are old enough to be trusted to lock up as they leave will too. From a young age, it's important to teach your children why locking doors is so important, and when to lock a door. The easiest method is to simply get them in the habit of locking a door each time they go through it. To help ensure doors are being locked, modern security systems can send alerts to your smartphone that tell you which doors are locked, and can even allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely. 

Where to go in an emergency

In an emergency situation like a break-in, or house fire, it's important to have a plan in place. These are stressful, panic-inducing situations that prevent you and your children from thinking clearly. Having a plan will help you react correctly instead of being forced to think on the fly. And it will be much easier to organize your family if every member, especially your kids, knows the plan and knows where to go. Children can even be taught to call 911 in certain situations, which could be life-saving if their parent is unavailable to help them. 

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