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Older Security System? Why It's Time To Upgrade

Do you have a security system installed at your home? Many of us made the decision to add an extra layer of security to our homes years ago, but it's important to remember that a home alarm system isn't future proof. Much like electronics, if you bought your alarm system more than five years ago, you're probably missing out on some new features that could be vital to your family's safety. 

It's important to have your security system assesed regularly to ensure it hasn't become outdated and inefficient. If you have an older model of alarm system at your home, here are a few reasons why it might be time to upgrade to a new system. 

Smart security features and home automation

Older security systems couldn't integrate with your smartphone. This means you couldn't receive real time notifications and alerts informing you about the state of your home. This also means you couldn't manage your security system, and other appliances, remotely. All of that has changed as the capabiltiies and power of both alarm systems and your smartphone have improved. Now, you can lock or unlock doors from afar, adjust the thermostat, turn on and off lights and much more through your smartphone. You can also make adjustments to your alarm system including disarming the alarm, or checking your security camera feed right from your phone. 

Real-time alerts

Another advantage of having a security system that pairs with your smartphone is that your security system becomes more proactive instead of reactive. With an older system, you'd have to wait for a phone call informing you that your alarm had been triggered. New systems allow you to stay ahead of a break-in. You can get an alert anytime an entry point is used, or when your motion sensors are triggered. You can even get notified when a locked cabinet or safe is opened. This both allows you to react before a break-in occurs, and gives you a second layer of security in case an intruder gets by your alarm or it isn't armed. These notifications can also allow you to better manage your home while you're away. You can track when your kids get home from school, or if they leave during the evening. 

Wireless security connections

If your security system still relies on a phone line or cable, it's inherently vulnerable to simple attacks. Most experienced burglars know how to simply cut the phone line or cable and render the alarm system useless. Newer alarm systems use wireless cellular connections, which stay active even when the power goes out, or your WiFi connection goes down. This makes the entire system more secure by making it more reliable and harder to be disabled. 

More than just burglar protection

In the past, your home's alarm system was meant to alert you if someone broke into your home. Today, security systems are more robust. They will still alert you if someone breaks in, but they can also alert you about many other types of emergencies. With the proper set-up, your alarm can sound to alert you about smoke in your home, or carbon monoxide. It can also tell you about a burst and leaking pipe that could cause costly water damage. Additionally, you can keep track of other family members through notifications sent to your phone that will let you know if small children or an elderly relative opens a door. 

If you're missing out on these exciting new security features, or have an alarm system that is outdated and inefficient, contact the experts at PPSI: 800-283-6202.