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3 Benefits Of Our Home Security System's Unique PIN Feature

If you have a home security system, are you using the unique PIN options? Your security system's panel allows you to select unique PINs for all the individuals who will be disarming your alarm. There are a number of potential uses for this feature, which you're missing out on if you haven't taken advantage of it yet. Here are some of the useful benefits from the unique PIN option included on your home security system. 

Keep track of the whole family

If you're a parent, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of your kids. Wouldn't it be great to be able to know the moment they come home, even if you're away from the house? With unique PINs, you can do just that. Assign each member of your family their own PIN. Then, you can get notifications when a specific PIN is used, which lets you know that family member just disarmed your alarm system. If you're a worrier, this is a vital tool that ensures you know that everyone is home safe and on time. 

Give others access to your home

There are times when you are away from your home, but need to give someone outside of your family acess to it. Maybe you're on vacation and have a housesitter, or someone is checking on your pets, or a workman is fixing something while you're at work. There are numerous possibilities, but one easy solution. With a unique PIN created for a specific visitor to your home, you can allow them to enter your home and disarm your alarm and you won't have to give them your own PIN. You'll be notified when the PIN is used so you can even tell if your visitor showed up when they were supposed to. And when you don't need that PIN anymore, simply remove it from the system and revoke that individual's access to your home. 

Limit access for specific people

Whether you're assigning PINs to family members or to visitors to your home, it may be necessary to limit their access within your security system. You definitely wouldn't want a contractor to be able to use their PIN to change your security settings, or create additional PINs. You may also not want your kids to be able to completely control your security options either. Within your PIN setup, you can limit these options and ensure that everyone you give a PIN to only has the security access they need, and no more. 

The PIN feature is just one of the handy security features included in PPSI home security systems. To learn more about our alarm systems, contact us at 800-283-6202.