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The Items Burglars Want From Your Home

In 2015 alone, there were more than 1.5 million burglaries in the US, which accounted for $3.6 billion in property losses. Those numbers reveal why your home needs a security system. However, a home alarm system is only part of the equation. Ideally, you'll also need to educate yourself on what it is that a typical burglar is targeting, and how to effectively secure those items and discourage a criminal from attempting to break in in the first place. 

Here is a list of common items found in your house that most burglars will be looking for. Also, we'll provide you some tips for how to protect those items, your home as a whole, and your family. 

Most valuable household items for burglars

Most burglars will watch your home for days before attempting to break in. They'll find out when you're likely to be home, and watch for signs that there are valuable items worth stealing inside. Leaving packaging by the curb for trash pickup is an obvious signal that those items are now in your home. Leaving curtains drawn and allowing anyone passing your home to see your new TV, or other expensive devices is also a mistake. Once a burglar sees these items, it makes your home much more enticing. Here's what they're typically looking for: 

  • Bicycles
  • Electronics like smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets
  • TVs
  • Firearms
  • Power tools and other expensive equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Cash

Now take a moment to consider how many of your neighbors know for certain that these items are somewhere inside your house. Are they in plain sight when you answer the door? Sitting out in the open near a window? Are they in the garage and do you leave the garage door open often? By asking these types of questions, you'll be able to gauge how at risk your home is of a break in. 

Home security measures to protect your valuables

Even if all of the items listed above are hidden away, your home could still be broken into. With an alarm system in place, authorities will be notified as soon as it is. Some bold thieves will try to grab these valuable items before fleeing, however. If they're effectively secured, you can save them from burglars, and possibly even give authorities a little more time to arrive on the scene and catch the criminal in the act. 

The most effective way to protect your most cherished items is to invest in a home safe. Lock your valuables in and choose a secure code. For additional security, be sure a security camera is pointed at the safe so you'll have footage of anyone trying to tamper with it. A camera should also be placed in any other room where valuables are kept. This could include the garage, living room and bedrooms. You could even install smart locks on these rooms and remotely lock doors to protect valuables, even if you allow a contractor or neighbor into your home. Also, be sure that your alarm system is monitored so that if the alarm is tripped, a monitoring station will be alerted and authorities dispatched. 

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