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4 Reasons an Outdated Security System is Hurting Your Business

The security of your business is likely one of your primary concerns. You may have already had a security system installed at your faciltiy to protect it. If your security system is a few years old, however, especially if it hasn't been properly maintained and updated, it may not be providing the benefits it did when it was installed. In fact, it may not be providing much security at all to your brick and mortar location. 

If you have an outdated security system, which can apply to just about any system that was installed more than about three years ago, here are a few benefits you may be missing out on. 

Missed security updates

Modern security systems will be updated periodicaly in a similar fashion as your computer updates. This is to fix or patch vulnerabilities that have been exposed since the system was installed. In some cases, this may happen without you even realizing it, but for other updates, a security technician may need to physically work on your security system. As your system ages, you may neglect to update it as often as is recommended. Once it's extremely outdated, new updates will likely stop being released and any vulnerabilities will remain. For knowledgable burglars, that could render your security system useless. 

Outdated setup 

At PPSI, our technicians assess the needs of your business and your facility before installing your security system. This way, we ensure that all vulnerabilities are protected and you're able to use the system to fit your needs. However, over time, needs tend to change at any business. You may rearrange your facility, or change the nature of your staff. The result could be security cameras that aren't pointed at the right area, or an alarm system that doesn't include the features you need. Over time, your business or facility may simply outgrow the security system initially installed. 

Malfunctions of your security system

If you're fortunate enough that your facility still has the same needs as when you installed your security system, and that system hasn't been rendered obsolete over the years, it could still cause problems as it ages. Again, think about your computer. A five year old PC is likely to have issues like freezing, crashing, or just operating slowly. Your business's security system can develop similar issues over time. And, if the security system locks up or has to be rebooted, that leaves your business completely unguarded. It may even result in critical events being unrecorded by security cameras. Security techs can help to keep older systems running smoothly, but eventually it's time for a change. 

Missed new features and security opportunities

Beyond the issues associated with an older security system at your business, there's the benefits and new features only available on new security systems. Technology has taken a big leap in the past few years, which enables you to add more effective features like access control, HD security cameras, tapeless DVRs, automated alerts and schedules and other remote management features. Adding a system that includes these features makes managing your business's security more efficient, can increase productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Your business security system isn't a set it and forget it tool. Instead, it's important to continue to continue with regular maintenance, and to stay up on the latest trends and innovations. 

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