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3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding On An Access Control System For Your Business

An access control system may be just what your business is missing in terms of security. If you're still using keys to lock up, it's time to upgrade. Access control systems allow you to give specific employees entry to specific areas of your business, not just the front door. There are also reporting capabilities that can help you keep track of who's in your facility and who is not. 

In order to ensure that the access control system added to your business is the perfect fit for your needs, however, there's some research that needs to be done. At PPSI, our technicians take time to tour your facility, and talk to you about what's most important. That way, you always end up with the features and capabiities you need from your security equipment. 

Here's a sampling of what we'll need to know in order to install the access control system you and your business need. 

Who will be using accessing your facility?

Does your business have customer constantly coming and going, or is access typically limited to employees only? The volume of visitors requiring temporary access will help determine the type of access control features that will work best for you. It's also helpful to consider when employees and others will be at your facility. Is it typically normal business hours, or is there activity overnight? Be sure to include deliveries, and cleaning crews when thinking about who regularly accesses your facility. 

How many areas will be monitored? 

While many businesses use access control only on their main points of entry, like the front and back door, it can monitor multiple areas of your facility simultaneously. Trying to make a basic access control system monitor multiple areas creates risks, however. That's why it's important to think about what you want to be monitored before deciding on a system. To help, think about the different levels of your employees. Do they all need access to your entire facility, or will some be limited to only part of it? Stockrooms, vaults, back offices, and other areas may need to be monitored to keep certain personnel out. 

What reporting capabilities are needed?

In addition to the increased security an access control system provides to your business, there are also extensive reporting features that can help you better manage your business and your employees. Reports can show you when each individual entered your facility and when they left, as well as which entry point they used. They can also show you any other monitored areas that have been accessed, which could be vital if there's been a theft, or an accident. Reporting is different with each system, however. It's important that you ask the technician designing your access control system about the reporting features offered, and discuss how you'll be using these reports. You'll want to ensure that reports are easy for you to generate, easy to understand, and are able to be customized to give you exaclty the information you need. 

These are three vital questions that should be asked before deciding on an access control system for your business, but there are many other considerations involved in that decision as well. 

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