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More Renters Want High Tech Security Systems

A recent nationwide study has found that millennials value living in a “smart home” over having other amenities such as parking. With more and more millennials graduating college and looking for housing, anyone who owns a rent house or apartment complex should take note of this study.

What is a “Smart Home?”

It’s no secret that millennials are obsessed with technology and the latest gadgets. From phones to computers and even wearable tech, they just can’t get enough. Because of this ever growing obsession, millennials expect their homes to be decked out with technology too. In an ideal smart home, everything would be controlled either by voice or phone. The lights, TV, music, and especially the security system.

In this study, 45% of millennials said physical keys were obsolete, and they would rather have a keypad or be able to lock and unlock with their phone. This might come as a surprise to many in older generations, but this is just how millennials operate. Everything is mobile and everything is wireless.

It’s because of this growing appetite for tech, that Praetorian Protective Services offers a wide range of high tech home security options. We can create security packages that allow home owners or renters to arm and disarm the alarm system, lock and unlock the door, and monitor the home via camera all from the comfort of their phone.

Let Them Pick Up the Tab

One very interesting fact the study found is that respondents overwhelmingly said they would be willing to pay an extra 20% to live in a smart home. This means if land lords are willing to front the money to get the system installed, renters will most likely be willing to pay for the monthly service fee. With technology being such a strong selling factor, land lords can fill empty spots faster with a high tech home security system from Praetorian Protective Services.