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The Dangers of Using Landlines in Home Security

Since the dawn of electronic home security systems, the home telephone line was used to communicate with the monitoring company and the police in case of a break-in. This mechanism served its purpose well for many years, but now it’s being phased out (and for good reason). Today, equipping home security systems with a cellular transmitter, similar to the one in your cellphone, has become standard practice.

This changing of the guard is in the best interest of the consumer, and here are five reasons why.

It’s Safer- One big reason home security companies switched from landlines to cellular transmitters was because thieves started cutting phone lines prior to breaking in, thus disabling any communication between the home and help. Since there are no lines to cut, thieves can’t interfere with communication.
More Dependable- A strong storm can easily knock out the phone system for a brief time, but storms rarely affect cell phone service. This more dependable form of service offers much more piece of mind for the homeowner.
No Apps for Home Phones- Almost every modern home security system will be accompanied by a smart phone app that allows the owner to arm and disarm and maybe even control lights and the thermostat. Without cellular capabilities, these apps would be rendered useless.
Phone Lines Changed- As more and more people ditched the traditional landline, phone companies started to change the way they wired home phones. Once cable companies and voice over IP companies came on the home phone scene, security companies had a hard time patching into the different kinds of phone lines that were being installed, so they just switched to cellular.
Who Has a Landline Anymore? - Another simple reason home security systems don’t use landlines anymore is because homeowners don’t have landlines anymore. With most consumers making the switch from landline to cellphone, it just made sense for the industry to change as well. 

Overall, cellular transmitters were the logical step for home security systems to take, and consumers can greatly benefit from this change. Using a traditional landline might save you a few dollars on your monthly service fees, but the features you’ll be forced to sacrifice are hardly worth the savings. If you need a quote on a Tulsa home security system call Praetorian Protective Services!