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Why Your Home Security System Needs an App

It’s 2017 and these days there’s a smartphone app for just about anything. From really handy apps that help track your monthly budget to the more bizarre ones that act as a cat to human translator, there are very few things apps can’t do. One of the best ways apps can improve your life is by controlling your home security system. Here are four reasons you need a home security with an app.

Never Forget to Set the Alarm- It’s happened to all of us, you leave for a long road trip and 30 minutes into the drive you have a sinking feeling in your stomach because you can’t remember if you set the alarm before you left. If your home security system has an app, all you have to do is open the app and make sure your home is armed and ready.

Let Friends In- From time to time your friends, neighbors, kids, or relatives might need to get into your house while you’re away. When you have an app, there’s no need to give them the code because you can arm and disarm the system with a few thumb taps.

Keep Kids Honest- Most apps will actually keep a log of when doors and windows are open and shut. So when the kids show up late to a family gathering and blame it on traffic, you can check the log to see what time they actually left the house by checking when the front door was last shut.

Total Control- Probably one of the best parts of having a home security app is that most can integrate with the thermostat, lights, and a few can even unlock the door. This allows you to have complete and total control over your home where ever you go. Imagine being able to arm the alarm, turn off the lights, and lock the front door from hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your home.

At Praetorian Protective Services we believe you deserve the best and safest home security system possible. That’s why we offer the most sophisticated and advanced equipment available on the market. If you’re in need of a Tulsa home security system call PPSI today!