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Manage Risk with a Commercial Security System

If there’s one thing businesses want to control, it’s risk. From shrinking the risk of profit loss to decreasing the risk of employee turnover, risk can be a scary word. One risk all businesses need to manage properly is the risk of theft. Eliminating the risk of theft helps keep customers and employees safe, and will help keep companies in the green.


If your business regularly has employees or customers on site, safety needs to be a top priority. Creating a customized commercial security plan is one of the things we do best at PPSI. Our team will assess your needs and find the perfect products and services you need to keep everyone safe. We take your footprint, number of employees, and inventory into account when we make a commercial security plan for you. By maintaining a safe workplace, employees can be more productive and customers can feel at ease.

Access Control System

One way to ensure safety is to install an access control system. These systems allow you to restrict access to employees and customers based on security clearance levels. You can grant access to certain areas of your office building to employees who need and restrict access to those who don’t. Beyond being a gate keeper, an access control system will also give you a report of who goes where and when they came in or out. This is valuable information in the event of a theft.

Lock Down Property

Having a sophisticated commercial security system that covers all the possible entry points of your office is a must for any business. A comprehensive system will come with a sensor for all doors and windows, motion detector, siren, battery backup, and easy to use control panel.

Protecting Inventory

After protecting employees and customers your inventory, including supplies you need to operate, is your second security priority. During our security assessment we can identify key areas with valuable assets that need heightened security measures. Once identified, we can recommend appropriate products, such as video monitoring. Installing video surveillance will deter theft and vandalism, and give you a better chance of catching the thief.

Helping businesses manage security risk is what we at PPSI have been doing for many years. We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for every client, instead of just using a one-size fits all security plan. If you need help managing security risk at your office, give us a call.