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The PPSI Advantage

Looking for an alarm company can certainly be overwhelming. There’s a staggering number of companies to choose from that all claim to offer the same services and the thrifty shopper might even look into DIY options. However, what it really comes down to isn’t the amount of services offered, it’s the quality of service offered. Partnering with Praetorian Protective Services comes with three big advantages when it comes to quality.


PPSI was founded more than 30 years ago and our state license number is 0030. This means you’d be hard pressed to find a security company that’s been in business as long as us. Since starting in 1980, we’ve installed countless alarm systems in homes and businesses. Doing this has taught us a few tricks along the way. Primarily, we’ve learned how to properly diagnose any structure, identify key vulnerabilities and suggest appropriate services and products.


We take our certifications pretty seriously at PPSI. We are licensed and certified for intrusion alarm systems, nurse call, closed circuit television, locksmith, access control systems, and fire alarm. While this is definitely an impressive list, we don’t stop there. We also send our employees to be trained by the National Fire Protection Association and the National Training School, which is sponsored by the National Burglary and Fire Alarm Association.


Some alarm providers are contracted to only install one manufacturer’s products, but not PPSI. Although we are a proud Bosh Certified Security Dealer, we don’t have an exclusive contract with them. This allows us to search a wide range of products to find you the perfect mix of sensors, detectors, and panels.

Between our experience, certifications, and options provided, the choice is really quite simple. PPSI can offer a level of quality few can match. If you need security services, call 800-283-6202.