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Security Systems for Home Businesses

When you run a business out of your home, knowing how to cover your personal and business assets can be a little confusing. There’s no doubt that having a home based business increases the risk of theft at your home. However, by following these three steps you can keep your home business safe and secure.

Know What Each Insurance Policy Covers

Some homeowner’s insurance policies will cover liability for a home business, but a lot won’t. Whenever you make your home your headquarters, you need to have a talk with your insurance agent to see what your current homeowner’s insurance policy will cover and what liability gaps need to be filled. Sometimes you can just purchase a more robust homeowner’s policy, and other times it will be smarter to take out a separate business policy. When you talk to your agent make sure to ask about lost income and data.

Get a Small Business Security System

There a few key features a small business security system should have to keep your home business safe.

  • Surveillance Cameras- Having an extra set of eyes that never blink is incredibly helpful. Mount these cameras in key areas like entrance points and rooms storing valuable equipment. Ideally the system will store the video data in a secure offsite server for maximum security.
  • Burglar Alarm- Every door and window should be outfitted with sensors to monitor the home 24/7. Installing motion detectors in high traffic areas like hallways will be another great layer of security.
  • Carbon monoxide and Fire Detectors- There’s no way to predict a fire, and if it happens it can be disastrous for a small home based business. Being equipped with fire and carbon monoxide alarms can save the day in the event of a fire.

Secure Data

A physical break in isn’t the only threat you need to protect against these days. Furnishing your office with high tech cyber security gadgets will protect you from hackers trying to steal sensitive data. To make sure your data is safe you should do the following:

  • Use strong passwords and change them every three months.
  • Install antivirus, malware prevention, and firewall software.
  • Encrypt Wi-Fi connections.
  • Use an offsite server to backup all your files.
  • Host your business and personal devices on separate networks.

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