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Ditch Your Keys

Why carry around a massive keyring like a custodian from a bad 80s movie when you can go keyless? Using an access control system, you can leave your keys behind for a much more secure and convenient option. Access control systems give you more options, easier access, and tracking ability.


One of the best aspects of using access control is that you have options for security credentials. You can use key cards, PIN numbers, and even biometric indicators. This allows you to customize a security plan that fits your unique needs.

Easy Access

With access control, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys or trying to remember which key goes to which door. You and your employees can have one key that gives you access to all necessary doors. This makes things much easier for you and your employees and eliminates the risk of spare keys floating around.

Changing Locks

When it comes time to change the locks, having access control will save you so much time. Instead of calling the locksmith out to change the locks and then distribute new keys to everyone, you can keep the same lock and just change all the keys from the convenience of your computer. Old biometric keys can be deleted from the system, PIN numbers can be changed or removed, and key cards can be deactivated. No matter what credential you go with, you can always delete access or change security clearance levels with just a few clicks.


In the event of a theft, you can check the system to see who was the last person in and out of the affected room. This can give you a huge advantage when trying to track down the perpetrator. Tracking ins and outs can also let you know when employees come in the morning and leave at night.

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