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5 Ways To Keep Your Garage Secure

When it comes to home security, most homeowners start by securing windows and doors. Effective locks combined with a robust home security system is a great start, but you need to properly assess each entry point for your home. That includes the garage door. 

Consider the valueable you keep in the garage. There's your car, expensive tools and other equipment, and potentially more. There's also likely access to the rest of your home. So, consider the following tactics to keep intruders out fo your garage. 

Zip tie your way to home security

How long do you think it takes for a thief to break into your garage? Whether you have an automatic door or not, it typically takes less than six minutes. Experienced burglars are able to access the emergency release handle on your garage door by using a wire coat hanger. To better secure your garage, use a zip tie to prevent this from happening. There are a number of tutorials available online. You could also completely remove the emergency pull, but if there's an actual emergency, this would add time to your exit. 

Keep your garage door opener secure

Most of us keep a garage door opener in our car. Many of our cars even have a place specifically intended to house an opener. If your car is parked in the driveway, however, that's not a secure place to keep a device that can open an entry point. Instead, bring the opener with you. Women can keep it in their purses. Men may consider adding it to their keychain. If carrying the garage door opener isn't an option for you, the next best thing is to keep it locked away in your glove box where burglars can't see it. 

Practice window security

For any window in your home, when a thief can see in, it greatly increases the likelihood that they'll try to break in. This is even true of windows in your garage. If you're buying a new garage door, one without windows will always be the more secure choice. But, if you've already got a garage door with glass windows, you can use a spray to give them a frosted look. This way, no one will be able to see in to scope out the valuables that are being kept there. 

Install lights for security

A well lit home is a secure home. If you come home to a house every day that's dark both inside and out, your chances of being the victim of a break-in are greater than your neighbor who has lighting all around his home. Each entry point should be well-lit, and it's a good idea to keep lights on inside too. For your garage, that means installing motion sensing lights that come on anytime someone comes close. That way, it an intruder attempts to break-in, the lights will come in and they'll be clearly visible to you, your neighbors, or anyone passing by. The lights coming on alone is typically enough to scare off most burglars. 

Invest in a home alarm system

If you don't already have an alarm system installed, give us a call to get one professionally installed and secure your home. That includes installing motion detectors and other precautions that will warn you if someone attempts to break in through the garage. If you already have an alarm system, verify that it is properly set-up to monitor activity in and around your garage. 

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