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Home Security Features That Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

Whether you're traveling for business, for the holidays, or for a vacation, it's important that you leave your home secure so you come home to find it safe and sound. There are a number of tips and techniques to follow to increase the chances that your home won't fall victim to a break-in while it's vacant. However, there are also a few vital tools that can be added to your home security system that help keep your home secure whether you're home or not. 

Here are a few of those security tools you should consider adding, or ensure are part of your next home security system. 

Remote Monitoring

Regardless of your use for a home alarm system, it's important to have remote monitoring enabled. This feature simply means that someone is alerted when your alarm goes off who can then contact the authorities and you. Without remote monitoring, your alarm sounding is the only protection your home has from intruders. Modern systems can now send you text alerts or call directly to your smartphone to ensure you're always up to the minute on your home's wellbeing. At PPSI, remote monitoring is offered for an affordable monthly rate, which means there's no reason not to add it to your home security solution. 

Home Automation

Most home burglaries occur during the day when intruders are sure there's no one at home. So, being able to make it appear your home is occupied even when it isn't is helpful to keeping burglars away. Home automation can do just that. Put lights on timers, control your thermostat remotely, even lock and unlock doors from your smartphone. Some of these are helpful for making your home appear occupied, and others are simply helpful for managing your home. Either way, home automation is a valuable tool to have as part of your home security package. 

Emergency Detectors

Chances are, break ins aren't the only worry you have when you leave your home for an extended time. There's also the threat of a fire, flooding, and other disasters. Thankfully, the same technology that can alert you if someone breaks down your door can alert you and the authorities about smoke or fire, flooding or freezing. Be sure that your security system helps protect against smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, flooding, freezing and any other home disasters you may be concerned about. 

Pet Friendly Sensors

Finally, while you want to be alerted if anything out of the ordinary happens at home while you're away, you don't want to be pestered with false alarms. If you have overly-sensitive motion sensors and pets, you may be dealing with a lot of these. Modern systems can prevent your furry friends from constantly triggering a security alert. Be sure to ask when your system is being installed about pet friendly sensors, and make your technician aware that your cat or dog will be home alone while the system is armed. 

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