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Commercial Security

The success of your business relies on a number of variables. Don’t let all your hard work be undone by criminal activity or natural disaster. The commercial security services from Praetorian Protective Services provide protection for your business, your employees and your inventory.

Intrusion Systems

Our intrusion systems safeguard doors and windows and provide protection from break-ins. But they also provide detailed reports on activity around your business. Outdoor motion detection can alert you to movement in restricted areas after hours. Automatic arming schedules ensure that even if you forget to arm the system, it arms itself at a specified time each day. Audit reports are also available to give you insight into who has armed and disarmed the system and at what times.

Access Control

While intrusion systems alone keep out criminals, access control features allow you to lock down certain areas of your business, or keep certain employees out at specific times. Each individual has their own credential, which can me biometric, a key card, unique PIN, or other method. Choose when each credential is eligible to access your facility, or who is eligible to enter back offices or other areas. Use audit reports to keep track of who enters and leaves and at what times in order to always be able to find out who was on the premises at any given time.

Fire Alarms

Commercial fire systems require expert design, submittals, proper safety codes and other processes. WE have the expertise necessary to not only install an effective fire system for your business, but also to test the system and work with local authorities. Our certifications enable us to work with conventional and addressable fire systems of all sizes. These systems detect smoke, carbon monoxide, combustible gas, flames and excessive heat, sprinkler system water flow and more and also feature manual pull stations. Your business isn’t properly protected from fires without one.

Video Surveillance

While alarm systems alert you of an intrusion, video surveillance helps you capture the moment and keep it in your archives. We allow you to monitor live video feeds of your business on site or remotely via your PC or smartphone. This introduces the additional benefit of using your video surveillance to monitor your property both inside and out during regular business hours and after hours.

24/7 Monitoring

Security and protection features for your business mean little if there’s no one responding to alarms. Our systems include 24/7 monitoring, which ensures that regardless of why an alarm was sounded, the proper authorities are alerted and dispatched to the scene. Our monitoring stations include redundancies, which means that if one station is inoperable, another remains active to ensure your service is never disrupted and there’s no downtime.