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Residential Security Services

When your home is properly secured, you enjoy the peace of mind that your family, property and valuables are safe. Praetorian Protective Services (PPSI) has been helping families throughout the Midwest stay safe since 1980.

24/7 Monitoring

We offer complete intrusion systems that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your alarm sounds, our monitoring stations alert you immediately to keep you in the know about what’s happening at home no matter where you are. Our monitoring includes redundancies as well, which means if one station were to go down, another is available to ensure no disruption of service for you.

Intrusion Systems

Our intrusion systems monitor the entry points like doors and windows throughout your home. They also provide full motion detection of the interior of the home and can even alert you to movement outside on your property.

Each intrusion system is installed by our team of knowledgeable, experienced and licensed technicians and adheres to national standards for safety and are UL listed. 

Fire Systems

An additional feature of your intrusion system is fire monitoring. You never know when fire will threaten your home or how it will start, but with our fire system integrated into your home’s intrusion system, you’ll be alerted immediately to signs of smoke, fire and increased temperatures. Your system will even continue to monitor for signs of fire when it’s disarmed.

Environmental Alerts

Not every threat to your home is man-made. Gas leaks, carbon monoxide, flooding and other potentially dangerous changes to your home’s environment can be monitored by your home security system. This allows those inside the home to get out before they’re in danger and those away from the home to always be aware of developing problems.

Medical Pendants

For those with unique medical needs, seniors who live alone or anyone who wants to get immediate assistance in the event of a fall, accident or emergency, our medical pendants are a vital tool. These pendants tie into the home’s security system and allow residents to move freely throughout their home and property. At the first sign of trouble, they’re able to request assistance and summon the proper authorities without having to make it to an access panel or telephone.

Home Automation

Risks don’t disappear while you’re away from your home. With the home automation features of our intrusion systems, you’re able to access a variety of features directly from your smartphone no matter where you are. Change the temperature of your thermostat, control lighting, arm or disarm your alarm, control door locks and more. With home automation, you’re able to manage your home and ensure its security remotely.